Ezra, Joey, and Matias

In our process we started experimenting with artillery images because war was one of the themes we wanted to use for the piece. We jammed against this first video edition with piano and effects. Since then we've been making changes to the setup, to the video itself and we've narrowed our theme just to military footage.

After this first video we've kept on rehearsing trying out different audio and video effects, different controllers, we even changed roles just to experiment what would come out of it. We've recorded our rehearsals and we listen to them to discuss about what we like and what we don't, and how we could make more progress, etc. Here are is a link to some of our recorded (and edited rehearsals).

This are the chords we took from Messiaen's prelude No. 2 Chant d'extase dans un paysage triste (1929), we find his music dissonantly beautiful which relates to the feeling we are trying to create through images and music. We've been using this chords to jam around with the video playback.

Blog Post 5

Variation 1:
One possible variation to our project is instead of performing and playing instruments live, we can pre-record our music and focus our live performance on altering the playback of the music or live-controlling the lights instead. In performing instruments live, we will engage the audience more with the music, rather than the video. The audience might feel like they have to pay attention to our performance more, rather than how the music is supporting the videos being played. If we do perform live instruments together, we will have to practice and refine our performance with the videos, which will be a tough challenge. We will be able to invest this time to develop other performance ideas or work on the visual side of the project more. For the alternative option, we as a group wouldn’t have to practice and refine the performance of the music to be precisely in sync with the visual, and would have more freedom to predetermine the length of the music and videos, with any additional specific transition points. This option of performing live with a few knobs and faders is very appealing as it allows us to control more than just one aspect of the performance (music, lights, and video).

Variation 2:
Another variation would be to perform on music and video through live looping both in samples of the same duration. Two of us could play music while the other loops us both and loops a video on one screen. This would need a coordinated performance between the music being played and the looping, while the video track could be randomly chosen but looped with the music.

Variation 3:

Using hanging cords as buttons to switch what is shown on the screens and changing the music, which could be pre recorded and composed by using samples of different songs, advertisements, compositions. The main challenge is building this mechanic system that would trigger the change of the video on each screen or projector (1 cord per screen), the sequence that would be generated by each push of the button would depend both on the audience and what we could program as in which videos to choose and their duration. Also opening the possibility of using the original sounds of the videos or mix them with music.
This opens new possibilities to the content of both the music and the videos and how they should relate to the audience. The risk would be to not have in time the music or videos because of the time the button system could require plus the implementation of all the elements together.

Team Charter

Our preliminary plan for this project is a video installation piece showcasing scenes from both reality and fiction that juxtapose one another and evoke opposing emotions in the viewer. Accompanying the video will be a piece of music, either composed or improvised, that explores either end of the emotional spectrum according to what videos are playing. Our goal is for the music to both contrast and support the videos at different times in the piece, and for the audience to project different feelings on to these videos based on what we are playing.

Follow the link below to see our preliminary plans, schedules, ideas and inspirations.


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