Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Concert April 12

Here's our poster. Can someone make a Facebook event and invite a million people?

Notes from Class today

To do:
Pendulum: Materials for 4 structures, one built for Thursday, Sound Design (Peter, Alex, Mac), KRKs (Mac/Professor Gurevich), 1/8 to ¼ cables,

Sonz 4 Stremin Lite: Adjust music to fit video, create a curve in the audio, Peter practice

Cow Pong: build more this weekend

1+1: soldering, phone integration, table (Professor Gurevich) , contact mics, C/G-clamps (Max)

Meeting Points: Rehearse, Lena Learn, Pedal from Roger (Gabe)

1960: New Video (Eric), Rehearse

For Thursday: 1+1, 1960 (Instruments!), Pendulum Music (Professor Gurevich: KRKs), Songs for Streaming Light

For Tuesday: Meeting Points, Cow Pong

Songs for streaming light: Mac’s mac
Cow Pong: Simon
Meeting Points: Peter
1960: Simon