Corey, Elijah, Justine, Ryan

Team Charter
Everyone needs to be adequately represented (in the final product)
Adhere to each other's strengths AND weakness’
Be mindful of each others mistakes, be critical but positive!
Invest time, energy, and love!

-For first meeting: bring examples of music you’re into (where you can see the style being incorporated into our performance); also what aspects of the exhibit speak to you personally
-Experiment by making music together, start to develop a sonic idea
-Begin to blueprint the piece and form a DETAILED design

As a team of musicians and producers, we want to create a fluid composition that challenges the ears of the listener. To do this, we thought to create a piece which smoothly transitions from recognizable music (meaning detectable genre/sound) to unrecognizable (indicating no form, tonal center, or cadence). We hope to make the audience feel uncomfortable

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