Danielle, Fisher, Kristin, Nick

Week of 10.16

Discussing ideas about responding to the exhibit, we have created a storyline that features our unique skillsets with the worship and discovery of automobiles. Stay tuned...we may be visiting a junkyard in the near future!

The Myo sensor comes with a learning curve, I'm still figuring out how to activate the sounds I want and keep them at a decent volume while I continue to move. I'm excited to see how this progresses with my movement!

Week of 10.2

Today we got our Myo sensor up and running.
This senses muscle movement and has an integrated accelerometer. 
It is marketed as an alternative controller for your computer and by default recognizes some standard
gestures (think basic things like giving presentations). We found a third-party library that actually
gives you access to the raw sensor data which is much more interesting to work with!

This video is right after we got the arm band up and running, connected, and calibrated.
There was an example Max patch in the library distribution which we were able to get loaded
with relative ease (compared to getting the "sensor-hacking" software building and running).

Week of 9.25

A snippet from Kristin and Danielle's first improvisation together:

Afterwards, they discussed how the physical relationship between them could be more interactive:

Week of 9.18

-Kristin and Danielle as focus of performance
-both incorporating movement and percussion
-playing with the idea of roles (who is percussionist, dancer, both, neither?)
-lots of choreography in percussion, even mandatory to some traditions (taiko)
-Kristin “play” percussion through gestures/movement (sensors on drums/body)
-Fisher and Nick as technologists/singers
-will be handling most of the technological development/execution
-bringing vocals to performance

Drawing from traditional aesthetics (african drum/song/dance, …)

Other considerations:

-randomness (poker table story early in the exhibition, role of chance in this whole piece)
-toy truck (seemingly simple artifact having layers of meaning derived in the viewer’s imagination)
-non-linear time, what does ‘ancient’ mean
-photography as a direct representation of a reality vs mediating truth
-post-truth society
-stopped excavations/taking artifacts because felt like he was “disrupting time”

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