Group Charter

As a group, we decided that we were both okay with soft (ish) start times, and that we would communicate over text. Given that we are a two person group, coordination becomes significantly easier, which allows us to be less formal with our communication. Definition of roles within  the project will be loosely defined, but as both members will be contributing to all components of the project, this will happen naturally as the piece develops.


2/20 - Our group aims on presenting a draft of the audio portion of our project. While this might not reflect the level of detail that will go into the finished project, our goal is a formal sketch for purposes of pacing and structure.

3/13 - For the second presentation, we will have a more refined rendition of the audio, clarifying more detail and filling in the structure. Along with this we will have a rough sketch of the video components, and attempt to run them together.

3/27 - The final presentation will have a more developed version of our video components, trying to synchronize the two mediums rather than just running them next to each other.

Three Directions

1. We could approach this project as if it were one big piece with little to separate sections. The pros to this is that it could be a lot more immersive for the audience and for us as performers, but at the same time, it does pose a challenge in regards to maintaining texture. This route would also allow us to explore new approaches to form in a larger context, and ideas we could explore with that.

(EX. Phrygian Gates by John Adams)

2. Another approach we could take is orchestrating three distinct sections connected heavily through seamless transitions. This would definitely help with pacing and maintaining audience interest throughout the piece, but might also make things seem a little less connected and fluid if we broke them up.

(EX. Dark Side of the Moon)

3. Finally, we could compose three distinct movements that are not connected and have pauses in between. This allows us to have much more independence of material and the freedom to explore broader concepts without having to worry about connecting it all together, but this approach would definitely decrease audience immersion.

(EX. Separate tracks on a Beach House album)

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  1. 1. I watched this over break and it made me think of your groups vibe as you presented a couple weeks ago. MGMT was pretty salty that they got famous off of this song because it was created in an attempt to make fun of contemporary pop music, however, as we all know, it's a bop and a top hit of our generation. It would be fun to see you two branch into an unapologetically poppy direction like these guys did :)

    2. Here's a clip from a live session that Tame Impala did for their track "Let it Happen". I love their warped out record-skip effect that they execute in this track. It might be fun to experiment with different unorthodox techniques like this in your composition.


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