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Week 7 - Balas / Everett / Levin

Professor Gurevich briefly mentioned this video, but the use of contact mics reminded me of this installation by David Byrne. It would be awesome to experiment with the possibilities contact mics provide, such as the ability to amplify the space itself.

This artist makes some really crazy musical instruments out of found objects. I think it would make for a fun and compelling performance if you experimented with the different sounds you can get with some "junk" and a piezo.

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  1. 1. Here's a clip from the Night Show with Stephen Colbert in which MGMT performs their track "Electric Feel". A nuance on top of how this track is typically performed is that the in-house jazz band with John Batiste accompanies these pop moguls in the presentation. This reminded me of the jazzy feel that was infused with Kate's arpeggiator for your performance. This video I think demonstrates a tasteful overlapping of those genres.

    2. This is the official music video released for Jordan Rakei's song "Eye To Eye". At about 3:40 of the way into this video, the protagonist in the story gets drunk and the video effects begin to distort in a really interesting way that reminds me of the trippy effects y'all had working on the visual aspect of your presentation the other day.


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