Rachel, Griffin, and Ayal

Three possible directions:

Short improvisatory vignettes describing various species of wild mushrooms
Rewards/opportunities: A lot of striking visual inspiration and interesting characteristics from our research so far.Allows for costuming inspired by the various mushrooms. Asks us to define sound worlds using non-musical qualifiers.
Challenges/risks: Might be hard to find footage that supports all the various mushrooms that we choose, may be difficult to find the room/time to also focus non-musical performative elements.

Veiled Lady

Bleeding Tooth

Amethyst Deceiver

Musical narrative depicting society’s relationship to mushrooms:
As cancer treatment
Jesus was a mushroom
Pop culture - Mario
Rewards/opportunities: Raise societal awareness towards the way mushrooms fit into our culture. Advocates for medicinal uses of mushrooms. Inherently amusing and rich contrast in how different groups of people view the function of mushrooms.
Challenges/risks: Creating a musical framework that strengthens the argument towards further mushroom research.

Audio/visual forest
Could involve video projection mapping and integrate the full space of the Davis studio. Potential for costuming and props.
Rewards: Would present opportunity to improvise with surround sound in mind, and give space for any gestural or performative aspects. The immersive nature of this project suits/honors the the focus of our project -- spirit of the forest and its species, of natural ecosystems,  
Challenges/risks: difficulty of writing projection mapped programs, least focused subject-matter wise, harder to guide the listener’s ear (unless that isn’t the goal per se).


Group charter:

The group should finish each class period with a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished in the following week 
The time and place of weekly meetings should be set at the end of class. 
Consideration of how busy each individuals’ weeks will be should also be discussed, so that the weekly workload can be distributed equally 
Group members who can’t make a meeting should notify the group a day in advance when possible 

9/26 - week of: 
Choose the fungi we would like to focus on 
Brainstorm independently for color schemes, mediums, atmospheres for each vignette 
10/3 - workshop
Work on presentation 
Start looking into what materials we will need, where to get them 
Narrow down general ideas and concepts for each vignette 
Be asking questions/thinking about how the piece will be presented (how it will use the space, etc.) 
10/10 - presentation 1
Apply comments from presentation 
Start working on the first vignette; meet once before fall break 
10/17 - fall break
Meet before the workshop -- have first vignette near finished 
10/24 - workshop
Pretty much have first vignette finished; take a break 
Start on second vignette 
10/31 - presentation 2 (mostly about first vignette) 
Work on second vignette 
Apply comments from presentation 
11/7 - workshop
Work on second vignette; have almost finished 
Work on presentation 
11/14 - presentation 3 (moved because of Griffin conflict on 11/21)
Start work on third vignette 
Apply comments from presentation 
11/21 - no Griffin
Continue work on third vignette 
Be thinking more about presentation, flow, etc. 
11/28 - tech
Finish vignette
12/5 - dress
12/12 - show

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