Monday, April 2, 2018

Performance 2 reflection

At the second class presentation, our group presented a much more focused project than the previous presentation, and our goals for our project had morphed a lot also. We presented a board game-like instrument that had piezo contact microphones attached to it's various surfaces in order to pick up different sounds from the attached objects. The structure of our performance followed a 4-phase plan that centered around game-like movements and character embodiments. We were not finely practiced enough leading up to this performance to really trust that everybody knew what to do at the right time, so we were all a bit hesitant in our roles. The class's comments were helpful for us, as they highlighted the portions of our performance that needed a bit more attention in both the performative aspect and the structural aspect. This performance served as a nice trial run for our idea and Professor Gurevich's suggestion to re-do and clean up our instrument design was a disappointing but understandable next step forward to take.

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