Monday, April 9, 2018

Process Reflection

The process for this project has been inseparable from the product in a way because we are always tweaking things and working out creative solutions to hiccups in the performance. There has been a lot of humor gluing our efforts together and curiosity has been a helpful motivator. The process has taught me that our performance can be flavored in innumerable ways and that infusing our sense of humor with our curiosity can lead us to a unique presentation that deflects expectation and operates within it's own hierarchy of qualitative judgement. This circles around to the idea that the quality of our performance is determined by the amount and focus of effort we put into its preparation. The major difficulty we have encountered is finding reasonable times to meet and rehearse between our busy schedules. Because we are in a small group and the rehearsal's effectiveness is largely dependent on how many of us are present, we are picky about meeting all together.

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