Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Performance 2 Reflection

I thought our performance felt more complete and a little more cohesive than last time, however, I still think we have a lot of work to go before it's really clean. It was our first time performing with a click track, so considering that I think we stayed together reasonably well, I think we just need to practice more and figure out a good way to organize monitor mixes and how we can make everything sound the way it should, both to us and the audience. I also want to experiment with how I can make the saxophone sound more natural compared to everything.

Visually, I think this is where we're the weakest. I'm starting to make progress with how to change up my visuals within processing, but honestly I might just try to get a better grip on Jitter and figure out how I can use that instead of linking processing and max. I also think it would be interesting to mess around with the lights in Davis, and see what sort of moods we can evoke with that.

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