Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Performance 2 Reflection

Though far from the ‘ideal, final run’ I am very happy with how our second performance of the piece went. We now have a fully fleshed out idea of the form and materials of the piece, have begun streamlining the elements of performing it where we can, and have a foundation of aesthetic directions for the visuals. Obviously, there’s a ways to go still. We need to get more used to playing with a click track, and with playing together as an ensemble, we need to work on the balance of the overall mix, on the panning, and of course develop past our baseline of visual interest. This is all ‘refining the piece’ rather than ‘building the piece’ however, which I think is a comfortable place to be given where we are in the process. Now that the construction is all out of the way, we have much more time and space to devote to the detail work that is needed.

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