Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Performance 2 Reflection

Considering that this was our first real performance since we've taken this new direction, I am overall quite happy with the performance as a "proof of concept" of our performance idea. I think it showed that we do have an idea and structure that can be interesting and engaging.

However, I think the performance also showed the current weaknesses in out presentation. The main one is of course lack of rehearsal. I think a lot of what sells our performance is the body language and communication between performers. The audience may not know what good mousetrap playing sounds like, but they do know what good acting is. We will need to spend a lot of time rehearsing with each other and developing the chemistry. I think the first "act" of our piece was well done and showed what we can be capable of, we just need to bring the rest of the piece up to that standard.

Something else I think the performance showed was just how limiting our instrument is, and that we will need to spend some time adding more diverse sounds. It's especially hard finding things with a sustained envelope, so we will need to spend time on that.

A final consideration that we need to account for is the aesthetics of the piece. Our performance was a bit loose in this regard, so I think we will need to better control the aesthetic of ourselves, and how we present ourselves, and the instrument and make sure that there is a unifying idea behind each aspect of the piece.

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