Monday, October 29, 2018

Blog Week 7

Ayal, Emily, Heather, and Jordan

To preface, I really don't know much about music (or technology, for that matter.) However, I linked this video to your work-in-progress through the idea that an outside soundtrack is acting on the flutist, whereas the flutist also acts upon the soundtrack. To me, it often seemed like Jordan was doing this as well. It might be interesting to see what you guys could do with the idea of acting/reacting within all instruments, tracks, and technology.

Clement, Jack, and Joey

During your work-in-progress, I was immediately reminded of this song I danced to years ago. While your project certainly isn't a dance track, the simple idea of sampling from a famous speech brought up this memory. I'm very interested to see what you guys do with the samples and how you manipulate them to fit your project.
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Corey, Elijah, Justine, Ryan

This one is a bit of a stretch, but your work-in-progress kind of brought me back to this old video where a group used a Jeep to make a whole electronic song. The one sample you guys played with the honking and car noises mixed with Elijah's idea of taking apart a record player and modifying it is sort of in the same vein of this video. Sort of. Also, it's just a fun video to watch.
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