Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Week 4

My first video is Dan Deacon, a creative and cool electronic, techno-ish artist. I knew about him before but being in this class made me want to revisit, and hopefully emulate his work. I love how he has his entire setup condensed into one portable little desk.

On the first day we met, our group decided to share as much music as possible. This song was showed to me and it is completely nuts. Its heavy and industrial but involves lots of found sounds. The music video is also insane and very inspiring to create a more visual aspect to a possible electronic piece.

In addition to the last song, this classical piece was showed to me. I hope to combine all these elements within the group.

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  1. Dan Deacon: Master of audience interaction! I haven't seen him use player piano before. Simple but amazingly effective in that context.

    I guess I didn't really know SOPHIE. Fascinating. One of the more successful attempts to bridge experimental British 'idm' tendencies like Autechre or Aphex Twin with more pop sensibilities. Hard to pull off.


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