Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Blog Week 7

Joey, Clement, Jack

The way you looped and used speech to form rhythmic motifs in your performance instantly made me
think of Steve Reich’s “Come Out.”   I think what you guys have is really cool and I’m excited to see
how it evolves during the semester.

Danielle, Kristin, Nick, Fisher

Kristin’s dance and the way she was exploring/interacting with the scattered “car parts” reminded me
of a book by David Macaulay from the 70's called “Motel of Mysteries.”  It takes place thousands of
years into the future and follows archaeological excavations of objects from our time, sort of poking
fun at how wrong/dangerously we can misinterpret objects from the past...
Since, it isn't a video or an image...here is the address to a pdf of a condensed version:

Justine, Ryan, Corey, Elijah

The chaotic texture you guys had going gave me flashbacks to all of the experimental electronic
music we went over in PAT 101.  The effects Elijah was doing and your concept of messing with
time made me think of John Cage’s “Williams Mix,” and that spliced-sounding texture that allows
for basically anything to happen makes the audience unable to predict what comes next.

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