Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Three Videos- Nick Froelich

Ayal, Kate and I decided last week that we wanted to do a live score of some sort of silent film/obscure footage.  We want to take inspiration from many different old styles of film, and manipulate the video to create some sort of narrative.  Another possibility for the video portion would be to record and edit our own video, which could make the performance more original.

I found this silent film that was scored more recently.  I really like how the composer emphasized the narrative with the score.  I also really like the color scheme and "vintage" visuals.

I was looking through music videos that had visual elements that inspired me, and really liked the video done by Manchester Orchestra for their song "The Gold".  The video seems to combine an array of old images and video that are bound together in a very artistic fashion.  The other aspect of the video I really like is how well the images and videos are synced with the music.

I'm sure a lot of you guys have seen this video already, but it was one of the first videos that came to mind when I thought of "obscure footage".  It's a very mysterious video in which the figure that is shown distributes morse code in what seems to be an abandoned building.  Besides all the crazy theories a lot of people have come up with about this video, I think it is a great example of mysterious, weird footage that we could use.

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