Sunday, January 28, 2018

Group Charter Everett/Levin/Balas

- In-Class Presentation #1: February 20th
-Draft of Audio portion: (Have the project conceptually finished and storyboarded) connect the Piezo mics and prove they work.
- In-Class Presentation #2: March 13th
-Refined Audio portion and rough video portion: Have all the physical parts of it (music written but not fully rehearsed)
- In-Class Presentation #3: March 27th
- Music rehearsed and ready to present.
- Final Project Outcome April 17th

Team Charter:

We will be mainly communicating via Group text message, checked every day at least. We plan on having weekly Sunday meetings (that will become rehearsals after our music is written). As far as our specific roles, we plan to have them more solidified by the first presentation date. We are more loose with meeting times during planning meetings, but will be punctual during rehearsals.  We shalt not have unruly bad communication betwixt the other subjects without our compound.

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