Monday, January 29, 2018

Three Videos - Ryan Cox

Jacob and I were really interested in incorporating multiple visual aspects to our project. We thought it would be interesting to incorporate some interactive visuals via Processing or something of that nature, but we also thought it might be interesting to layer on some old footage, and maybe even alter in like in Spencer Haney's "War Dance". One of my favorites Ann Arbor bands, Bonzo, has used some footage from the Prelinger Archives to create their music videos, and I think using some of these videos would be really effective.


Jacob and I did a little listening session on Friday, and checked out a few different artists, in particular, Beach House, and their album, Bloom. I went back and listened to a lot of their music, and other music sort of along those lines, like Sigur Ros. I really like their simplicity and the dreamyness of it all. Through browsing some related artists, I found Nils Frahm, a multi-instrumentalist that combines elements of classical music with post-rock/electronic music. I really enjoy the textures he creates, and his live performances seem really interesting.

Finally, Jacob introduced me to this group he discovered through a Xiu Xiu concert called Quicksails. Not only is their music really interesting and sort of unstructured, but the visuals they use live are really interesting. I really enjoy how these lights don't seem to fit with the music, but they also don't seem to be completely random.

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