Monday, January 29, 2018

Group Charter

Group charter - Ayal, Kate, Nick

Our performance will consist of us live scoring some silent film, with a combination of pre-composed and improvised music. We plan on using Max to control the lights in Davis.

We will be communicating via group text, checked daily. We will be meeting weekly, right before class from 4:30-6 in Davis. Our roles are flexible and will become better defined as we develop our performance. We know now that Kate will be on bass, Ayal on percussion/guitar, and Nick on keys. We all will be working to compose music and edit video.


2/20 - We plan on having the visuals ready, and a rough idea of a score to go along with it.

3/27 - We plan on having the score composed by this point so that we can spend the rest of the class meetings running the performance and figuring out the lights.

4/17 - We will have the Max patch for the lights figured out and the rest of the performance ready to go.

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