Sunday, September 30, 2018

Blog Week #4

I have been digging into Javier Jaimovich's work with the Myo sensor and came across two videos which I really liked.

What I especially like about this first video is how expressive the relationship between movement and sound is. I also enjoy the noisier timbres, with less focus on tonally melodic expression. I think this could pair well with our percussive elements. (also hey @Matias)

This is part of another one of his works which works with more tonally focused content. (skip to 17:45 if you don't have time to watch the whole thing!!)

Additionally, I was also exploring the work of other artists, including some that were more visually focused. I like the use of projections in this video and wonder if there is a way that we could execute having interactive projections from above in our performance...


  1. The 'scientistic' visualizations in the third piece not only couple nicely with the music, but I think they'd suit the theme of our exhibition nicely.

  2. I love the aesthetic of that piece too.


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