Sunday, September 30, 2018

Blog Week 4

After experimenting with improv dance and percussion with Kristin we started thinking about how to incorporate electronics into the mix without being invasive to the visuals but rather enhance our movement. Nick and Fisher are exploring the capabilities of the myo sensor and we are hoping to explore a new realm of electronic visual music.

The first video shows some of the capabilities on the myo for different instruments with live sound processing.

The second video shows a dancer using similar technology, but with an entirely new sound world. I really like how he is able to control the sounds with his right wrist only. It allows for musical space and flow, just like the dance.

The last video doesn't use the same sensor, but I really like the connection between sound and light. Very interesting and beautiful.

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  1. I haven't actually seen much work with Myo or similar sensors on musicians playing instruments-- mostly only on dancers or musicians using it as a 'virtual instrument'. It is surprisingly effective as an effects control, suggesting a lot of fascinating possibilities. There is always a challenge with systems like this of needing to simultaneously control two things—unless the sensor is mapped very effectively, making a desired gesture/sound on your instrument may resulted in unintended effects/synthesis sounds. And vice versa. This will be a central challenge for you to overcome if you wear a sensor like that.


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