Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Blog 3

 This ballet has a similar structure to the possible structure our group discussed for our piece: contrasting vignettes, each connected but also contained in their own world. I particularly appreciate how distinct the color schemes are from piece to piece; our group hopes to achieve similarly contrasting color schemes. Lastly, I appreciate how although the piece is made up of vignettes, there is a clear narrative: the piece starts more lightly and with pastel colors and ends more seriously with darker colors.
Secret Sounds of Spores, Inspace from Yann Seznec on Vimeo.
Here is a sound installation that translates the motion of falling mushroom spores to music. I especially enjoy this installation because not only is it conceptually interesting, but it also sounds good. I think it captures the mysteriousness, eccentricity, and intricacy of mushrooms well. The music is hypnotizing, but also active and unpredictable. This music might be useful when our group is considering how to portray mushrooms with music.

 http://pin.it/iQIbu9c (don't know how to embed pinterest pages!)
 Here is an online collection of mushroom inspired fashion. Our group is potentially interested in using costumes for our mushroom-themed vignettes. I particularly think that mushroom gills are translated beautifully into the fashion here. I love the natural flow of lines that the mushrooms bring to these pieces, and also the improvisatory shapes that look outlandish in a fashion context.

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