Sunday, September 24, 2017

Blog Post 3

In our group, we have been discussing about the sources of inspiration, and one theme that came up was nature. This music is from Diego Stocco, and Italian composer/sound designer. He has made a couple of works on nature and trees, as well as objects and custom made instruments. I like that he is very creative in his ways of capturing tree sounds and creating a variety of textures out of nature.

In our group, we have been talking about the possibility of presenting our videos or music in a way that may be provocative to some people. I was looking into different ways that different people present provocative content, and this video leans towards the extreme scale. What I liked about this video was the way the band addresses the audience in the beginning, about how people might be pissed off, but they don't care because this is their opinion. Dead Kennedys is a punk rock band that are known for their provocative lyrics which often involves political nature, political figures and authority.

The last piece of work is an artwork by Kathe Kollwitz called War (Krieg), which shows the portrait of a widow. Her portfolio of seven drawings focuses on the impact of the war to those left behind, including widows and children. This is very relevant to what our team is trying to do, as we are trying to visually present the effects of violence and discrimination through many perspectives.

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