Sunday, September 24, 2017

Blog Post #3

Our group brainstormed about a project centered around wild mushrooms. Much of our time was spent finding bizarre species that we might want to portray in vignettes. We also spoke about including the different medical uses of mushrooms. I found a TED talk about the many ways we can use mushrooms as antibiotics.

We also spoke about processing video of mushroom growth time-lapses as part of our visual component. We are hoping to use specific color schemes for each vignette, drawing influence from different fungi species and bioluminescence. Here's a video I found of a species of bioluminescent mushrooms in Brazil and how they interact with their ecosystem. I found the panorama at 0:31 especially beautiful.

One visual component we also discussed involves video projection mapping. One goal we discussed would be to create a forest-like ecosystem in the Davis suite. Here's a video I found of some video projection mapping in a forest. We won't be performing the piece in a forest of course, but I found inspiration in the way these artists illuminated flora and fungi.

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