Sunday, September 24, 2017

Blog Post #3

In our group we talked about processing live instruments with audio effects racks as a part of composition.  While I'm familiar with the majority of the instruments we're using and the sounds they're capable of producing, I've had very little experience working with French Horns and know very little of all the timbres they can produce.  This video helped me understand what a French Horn can produce sonically so I can get a better basis of what kind of processing would be interesting.

From our discussions on Tuesday, it seems like we're going to be incorporating a fair amount of looping.  In the past few years I haven't done much if anything involving looping during live performance.  I looked up how live performers, especially bands have been incorporating looping and felt this video was helpful for reference because both the musicians are using loopers and other various forms of electronics with their acoustic instruments.

All of the "audio reactive" visuals I've worked on in Resolume so far have been triggered by MIDI and I haven't actually done anything that's reactive to audio.  Because we're going to be using live instruments instead of MIDI instruments, I looked up this video to try and learn the nuances between audio reactive triggers and MIDI synced triggers.

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